Andrew Nadolski: Visiting Lecturer


In one of my lectures fine art and commercial photographer, and graphic designer Andrew Nadolski gave a lecture about his work and his business.

Whilst he was a student, he spent two months photographing and documenting day to day  life in and around Blundell’s School in Devon. Once he had finished his project the headmaster of the school viewed his final images, which then lead to Nadolski being commissioned for the schools prospectus. He has made the schools prospectus’s since then, and is currently working on their website.

Within his fine art he created a series called ‘The End of the Land’, in which he photographed and documented the landscape of a remote area of the Cornish Coast near St Just-In-Penwith, in the series he captured the beauty and the geology of that place. The series has been exhibited in various places including Derby City Museum and Art Gallery. Exhibiting his work in so many places gave him the opportunity to sell his prints and books, which brought a lot of profit.

I feel that his fine art work is very beautiful and inspiring, but I think that it’s great he is able to utilise his skills in both photography and graphics design to create a decent income. Also, what I learnt from the lecture is to makes contacts and seize opportunities, as it may lead to a job are income, just as Nadolski’s work with Blundell’s School did for him.



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