Symposium: London Trip

When we went on the trip to London, a symposium was organised in which a range practitioners , picture editors, curators and other industry specialists talked to use about their work and their professional life.

One of the speakers was fine-art photographer Emma Critchley. Her work was focused on underwater photography, and has worked as an underwater image-maker for over 9 years, and has recently graduated with an MA from The Royal College of Art. Within her work she explores the relationship with the underwater environment. Within her underwater work she has taken emotive images as well as videos, demonstrating the combination of people and water. Some expressing a fear of water and other pieces concentrating on breathing and air, working with a diver and opera singer, who have highly trained breathing techniques.

portrait_5 image:

Another photographer that talked to us was Clarisse s’Arcimole, who is a French photographer, who is currently based in London. Clarisse said that she was always fascinated with time, and she had previously recreated some images from her family album. After that she did a project on recreating black and white images by setting up the image, and using props and make-up on herself to create the image, which was highly influenced by her Set Design studies. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and she is represented by the Photographer’s Gallery. Most of her projects were funded by crowd funding through sites such as Kickstarter.


Keith Jeffery also spoke at the symposium about renowned company Taylor James, which is a high-end Creative Production Studio, that works with digital productions. They are well known for their creative and expertise in photographic realism. The company works with creative campaigns across print, animation and interactive media. Taylor James has studios in New York and London and work for global brands and leading advertising agencies.



One of the photographers I found inspiring was Patrick Ford, who works as a fashion and portraiture photographer, but also works with music photography and has started working with film. He initially studied illustration at art school and started to enjoy photography and assisted and worked in the industry in order to learn what he could. He worked as a freelance photography but returned to university and did a BA (hons) degree in Film, Video and Photographic Arts. He worked as a photographer for MTV/VH-1 and starting shooting for magazines, newspapers, TV and engaged in commercial commissions.


Overall I found the symposium to be very useful. It was very inspiring to hear from people working in the industry in London, which give me an idea of what it is like. I also found it inspiring to see how a lot photographers worked there way through the industry which led them to be where they are today. Also, it was good to see how people went about their projects, for example Clarisse s’Arcimole used crowd funding in order to fund and carry out her projects, in which all of hers have been successful. And due to the fact I’m looking into a more fine art based career, crowd funding may be an option is I want to start up a project. There were many other professionals who spoke during the symposium but I decided to pick out my favourite, and ones who I found most inspiring.


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