Summer Project: Close to Home

The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he/she lives or a few feet away. It is always on his/her doorstep.
– Paul Strand

For my summer project ‘Close to Home’ in which I had to create a visual narrative of the everyday, things that I would normally walk by and ignore in everyday activities. I had to explore personal perspectives and approaches, pertinent to my own interests and practice.

I needed create a series of 6-12 images arranged into a narrative sequence.


As part of my reason I read the chapter ‘Something and Nothing’ in the ‘The photograph as Contemporary Art’ by Charlotte Cotton.

These are the main points I picked up whilst reading the chapter.

  • ordinary everday objects, made extraordinary by being photographed
  • passed by everyday
  • at the periphery of our vision
  • not given credence as visual subjects within arts lexicon
  • the objects stay the same but are altered conceptually
  • shifts in scale
  • or typical environments
  • simple juxtapositions
  • relationships between shapes and forms
  • luscious and sensual treatment

It is for us to determine a subjects significance, knowing it must have one, for the artist has photographed it and thereby designated it as significant.
pg 115

Initial Ideas:

One of my ideas was to literally focus on peoples periphery, maybe find a way to capture what looks like someones periphery, maybe blurry out of focus. Which changes the concept and focuses on the periphery.

However, because I enjoy portraiture photography and don’t find still live incredibly inspiring I thought it would be good in incorporate people. I had the idea to capture people doing everyday things, and capture movements or mannerisms I wouldn’t usually notice, or to capture aspects of people that I wouldn’t notice. I decided to capture from and family so that it directly relates to the title ‘Close to Home’ because I’m capturing people that are close to me whilst I’m home for the summer.

When I started capturing people, I found it was difficult to capture small things like movements and mannerisms I wouldn’t notice. So I decided to just capture moments that were special to me, so it would still relate to close to home, and I captured everyday things, however changing the concept of them. The concept of the images had changed due to the fact those images were special to me, they were moments when I was happy and with my friends and family.


summer project pdf


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