Todd Hido – [summer research/notes]

I initially found out about Todd Hido from an article posted by Dazed and Confused, titled ‘These Images Sum up Suburban Loneliness’, which interested me as i wanted to see how his idea of isolation was portrayed. The article discusses how his cinematic images leave the narrative open to interpretation.

With all my work – whether it’s a combination of one or two images or an entire wall – what I’m mostly after is a suggestion, and the narrative is always completed by the viewer … I strongly believe that the best photographs suggest, and that ambiguity is a really important tool in photography.

I think that the use of ambiguity is useful when creating photographs. I feel that an image may loose some of it’s depth when a meaning is obvious. I personally enjoy the different interpretations and meanings that can be discussed, it can allow the viewer to create their own narrative, and possible reflect their own story. Which Todd Hido has done in both his portraits, landscapes and architectural work. Specifically, he has a series of image of the interiors of buildings, some are inhabited some have been abandoned, Hido says “walls do talk”, and I feel that once you see these interiors you create an idea of who lived their. There is a glimpse of what those inhabitants were possibly like, how they lived, who they were, just from a simple image. The viewer instantly creates a narrative.

I am very much interested in the loss that happens in the spaces. Walls do talk.
I was interested in the family drama that had occurred. A lot of my work is really about home and family.


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