Doing Family Photography: The Domestic, the Public and the Politics of Sentiment By Gillian Rose [notes]

“I found myself thinking about family photography not simply as a collection of image, or a textual archive, or as an ideology as so many critics have done, but rather as something people do: that is, as a social practice.” (pg 1 )

“This book is about family photographs in their domestic settings, and also what happens when they go public in these circumstances.”

This book is focused on family photography within domestic settings, which means they will only be shared with family and close friends and placed in a album or scrapbook. The writer only discusses what happens when family photographs are published in a state of emergency, e.g. 9/11, or missing children, in an attempt to find family members. Therefore, this book is irrelevant to what I want to discover, as I am focused on family images that are published in an art based environment. I don’t want to create to broad a topic to discuss even though I find this book interesting.



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