Visual Ethics

Wiles, R. et al. (2008) Visual Ethics: Ethical Issues in Visual Research [online]. E.S.R.C. Available from:  [Accessed on 15th January 2016, at 15:33].

Problems with photogrpahing children. “(Irina Popova)

“A further legal issue regarding research with children concerns confidentiality in cases where a child discloses that they are being seriously harmed or mistreated. Failure of a researcher to take appropriate action in such cases could result in legal liability.” pg 13

This links to the issues that arose when Popova continued to take pictures of the child, when the viewers perceived as her being in danger.

“Images or data of serious crime involving children should be handed over to the police (BSA – visual sociology group, 2006). Serious crime in this context comprises images of physical, sexual or psychological abuse. ”

However, The environment may not be ideal, by the child is looked after and from the images there are no signs of abuse, so Popova is not legally obliged to intervene.

*** re read photographing children (ethical issues with Sally Manns images)




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